CLA1503 : Commercial Law 1c
ECS1501 : Economics 1A
FAC1502 : Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures
MNB1501 : Business Management 1A
DSC1630 : Introductory Financial Mathematics

Semester 2
AUE1601 : Legal Aspects in Accountancy
ECS1601 : Economics 1B
FAC1601 : Financial Accounting Reporting
; MNB1601 : Business Management 1B


Semester 1
SUS1501 : Sustainability and Greed
AUE2601 : Auditing Theory and Practice
FAC2601 : Financial Accounting for Companies
MAC2601 : Principles of Management Accounting
TAX2601 : Principles of Taxation

Semester 2
AIN2601 : Practical Accounting Data Processing
AUE2602 : Corporate Governance in Accountancy
FAC2602 : Selected Accounting Standards and Simple Group Structures
MAC2602 : Principles of Strategy, Risk & Financial Management Techniques
CBC1501 : Communication in Business Contexts


Semester 1
AUE3701 : Audit Planning and Tests of Control
FAC3701 : General Financial Reporting
FAC3704 : Group Financial Reporting
MAC3702 : Application of Financial Management Techniques
TAX3701 : Taxation of Business Activities

Semester 2
AUE3702 : Substantive Procedures and Finalising an Audit
FAC3702 : Distinctive Financial Reporting
FAC3703 : Specific Financial Reporting
MAC3701 : Application of Management Accounting Techniques
TAX3702 : Taxation of Individuals